Zen Music Ambient Session 25 min Vol.2


The 25-minute Zen-Ambient Vol.2 music session is intended to help you relax and find inner peace. This music is an extension of the first Zen-Ambient session, with a fresh fusion of calming and unwinding sounds.

  • You are advised to settle into a comfortable position and close your eyes before the session starts. As Zen-Ambient Vol.2 begins to play, soothing tones and ambient noises are mixed together to put you in a state of relaxation.
  • The background music is purposefully slow-paced and created to support your inner attention. A sense of harmony and balance is produced through the use of a variety of instruments, such as chimes, flutes, and strings, in the soundscape.
  • The music progressively stops throughout the session, resulting in a serene and quieter environment. This enables you to completely appreciate the situation and heighten your sense of tranquility and inner peace.
  • In conclusion, the Zen-Ambient Vol.2 music session is an extension of the original Zen-Ambient music session and is intended to help you feel at peace and at ease. The session includes a variety of calming and unwinding sounds that put you in a relaxed condition. Zen-Ambient Vol.2 is the ideal accompaniment to your meditation practice or a moment of relaxation in your hectic day thanks to its soothing tones and ambient sounds.

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